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NSSF Corporate Member Prior Approval Form

**For Corporations and LLCs Acting as Corporations Only**

The NSSF Political Action Committee (NSSF PAC), a federal multicandidate political action committee, enables NSSF to support pro-firearms and ammunition industry, pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen candidates for federal office. Federal law requires a trade association PAC to obtain prior approval from its corporate members before it may solicit contributions from the corporate member's executive and administrative personnel, stockholders, and their families (collectively known as the "restricted class"). The law defines "executive and administrative personnel" to mean salaried employees who have policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities (but not foremen or line supervisors). Providing consent to the NSSF PAC does not limit or restrict your company's PAC (if you have one) from soliciting contributions from your own employees. Please note that a corporation can only give prior approval to one trade association PAC each calendar year. If you provide consent, your company's restricted class is free not to make any contributions.

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